Mike Windle/Getty Images

Zayn Malik Is Trying To Make Mismatched Shoes Happen

This outfit is ridiculously confusing

Earlier this month, Zayn tried to make robotic arms the latest style craze, but his attempt at futuristic trend-setting promptly crashed and burned. At least, I’m assuming it did, because I have yet to see literally one single person rocking robotic limbs IRL. Not one to go down without a fight, though, Zayn has retaliated by trying to make another, slightly more practical trend catch on: mismatched shoes.

Z was recently spotted hiking in Malibu wearing an outfit that’s bewildering from head to toe. Let us observe:

So. What we have here is Zayn wearing black skinny jeans to go hiking on a sunny day. His companion, meanwhile, got the memo about California being a sunny place, and is wearing workout-appropriate apparel (though her suspiciously large handful of bottles is honestly quite concerning).

ANYWAY. Back to Zayn. Direct your eyes to the very bottom of his tatted-up frame, and you’ll notice he’s wearing two different shoes. One appears to be a sneaker (possibly a Yeezy Boost), while the other is a leather lace-up boot. This suggests that Zayn is equal parts ~sporty boy~ and ~bad boy~, or that he lost his other Boost mid-hike and replaced it with a boot he found in the dirt.

His fashion-forward girlfriend Gigi Hadid unfortunately wasn’t there to approve nor rule against Zayn’s risky footwear choice (distance has been hard for them, OK?), but we’d love to hear her opinion on this one. Hey, mismatched earrings are having a moment, so maybe this one will catch on after all.