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Step Inside Chance The Rapper's Magnificent Coloring World

With a video from Chano

Chance the Rapper didn't just want his fans to listen to Coloring Book over the weekend -- he wanted them to experience it with him. That's where his Magnificent Coloring World came in.

On Saturday, Chano shepherded a few hundred lucky fans onto a school bus, to what looked like a party celebrating the mixtape. The Chicago Tribune described it like this:

Coloring books and magic markers were spread out on picnic tables. Buckets of ice, filled with Kiwi Mistics (no Flaming Hots), dotted the turf. There was a bounce house. And a blow-up slide. A long line formed for balloon animals. The "Sunday Candy" corner had stands giving out free Reese's and Fruit by the Foot.

To the right of the candy shop was a church, with a line of pews extending back to a dance-floor, white-papered cylinder. Behind was a blank wall, as wide as an oversized chalkboard, which would soon be filled with messages of praise. "Thank you 4 saving hip-hop," read a blue-scrawled message, circled over and over.

Now, Chance takes us inside, too, with a video of the day's events. If you weren't lucky enough to be there, this is probably as close as you'll get. How great. Blessings.