Does The Are You The One? Alliance Have A Shot At Rivals III Gold?

The newbies have numbers on 'The Challenge' but can’t seem to figure out if they’re all on the same side.

Where Are You The One? exports have previously been outsiders-looking-in on The Challenge, they’ve finally got numbers on Rivals III. But as they proved on tonight’s episode, they could be their own undoing.

After Leroy and Averey were thrust out of the game due to injury and replaced by Nelson and Amanda, teams that featured at least one AYTO cast member quickly realized they were only outnumbered seven to five by non-AYTO pairs. Suddenly aware they were barely at a deficit, dominant voices like Simone and Briana committed to staging a rookie coup and banding together to oust the game’s more practiced veterans. But trouble came when the uprising heard that heard Nate and Christina had made an unofficial deal to spare Real World/Bloodlines pair Vince and Jenna from The Jungle. Consequently, the duo’s loyalty to AYTO was called into question.

Are You The One? is the only people that is on Nate and Christina’s side,” Simone observed. “For them to try to cut corners and play this alliance game, I’m not feelin’ it. I know, Christina, that you’re a snake in this house, and I don’t trust you.”

And to compound the AYTO meltdown, Briana, who considered Nate and Christina true friends, threatened to quit, citing an unshakable feeling of betrayal.

“I thought that my friendships with these people that I have outside of the house were a lot stronger and a lot more stable than they’re being made out to be,” she said.

Finally, to complete the game’s own 24-hour Shakespearean tragedy, Brandon – who’d convinced his teammate Bri, not to quit only hours earlier – threw in the towel and said he missed his girlfriend too much to press on.

“As much as I love competing on these challenges, I’m not a lot about a lot of the drama,” he told TJ. “I just feel like it’s time.”

And with that, only four AYTO teams remain…but can they pull it together enough to make moves and keep their alliance alive?

What do you think: Is there a chance the game’s remaining Are You The One? players can band together and edge out their competition, or are Simone, Nate and their fellow dating-show exports too bruised to survive? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to the next Rivals III episode next Wednesday at 10/9c!