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These Four Major Tweaks Are About To Change The Way You Tweet

Here's what you need to know

The way you tweet is about to change in some very big ways. Or, more accurately, in several small but significant ways.

On Tuesday, the company announced that some of its most basic features will be completely overhauled in the coming weeks and months. Mostly, it’ll change the way you count to 140 by giving you a lot more room for all your witty musings. The site famously enforces a 140-character limit on all tweets, but it’ll ease up on some of those restrictions, making it a lot easier to use (while also potentially adding more noise to your timeline).

Here’s a simple guide to the four big changes coming your way:

  1. Replies don't count toward your limit...

    When replying to someone’s tweet, the user’s @name will no longer detract from your 140 characters, which is especially helpful when you’re tweeting back and forth with someone who has an annoyingly long handle. It’ll also be great when you’re replying to multiple people, since all the usernames currently cut into what you can say to them. Easier group convos FTW!

  2. ...and media attachments don't either.

    Media links will also no longer affect your 140-character limit, meaning you’ll have even more room to comment on all the videos, photos, and GIFs you want to share. Links to articles and other web pages, however, do still count.

  3. Say goodbye to ".@"

    If you start a tweet with "@" but aren’t replying to someone, all your followers will now be able to see it, eliminating the need for that pesky period before another person’s Twitter handle.

  4. You can now shamelessly retweet yourself.

    Because Twitter is all about self-promotion (and plain old narcissism), users will now be able to retweet themselves and quote their own tweets, when they want to “share a new reflection or feel like a really good one went unnoticed,” according to Twitter’s company blog. No longer will you have to ruminate about your stellar 3 a.m. tweet spree that your friends ignored -- now you can just retweet yourself the morning after to remind everyone how great you are!