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Ariana Grande Gets Tangled Up In A Dangerous Love Triangle In The ‘Into You’ Video

Another steamy Dangerous Woman clip

Ariana Grande has taken a page from Lana Del Rey’s playbook in her new video for “Into You."

The visual for the latest single off Dangerous Woman sees Grande riding through the desert on the back of a motorcycle, an image that evokes both Del Rey’s video for “Ride” and Kanye West’s infamous “Bound 2” clip. She’s decked out in ripped shorts, a fringe jacket, and stilettos as she makes a getaway to a motel with her secret boyfriend.

Thankfully, Grande didn’t touch the part of “Ride” that involves LDR grinning in a Native American headdress as though North American colonial genocide never happened. She does get tangled up in one hell of a love triangle, though.

“Into You” was directed by Hannah Lux Davis, who also helmed Grande’s videos for “Love Me Harder” and “Focus” (as well as her Jessie J collab “Bang Bang”).