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Minnesota Now Has An Entire Day Dedicated To Beyoncé

In case you had any doubt about which U.S. state is the best state

Beyoncé has thus far brought her Formation World Tour to six different U.S. states, but only one had the genius idea of dedicating a whole day to her. You know, to thank her for leaving a trail of sequins and slayage in her wake, and for leaving its citizens wonderstruck and such.

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton and Lt. Gov. Tina Smith have declared Monday, May 23, 2016 “Beyoncé Day,” in honor of her concert in Minneapolis tonight. There’s even a decree and everything, complete with an official seal and some fancy language about how “Beyoncé has influenced many Minnesota girls and women with the powerful, positive messages in her music.” The Beyhive surely approves.

Good on you, Minnesotans, and Happy Beyoncé Day!