'Game Of Crones' Podcast: Summer Is Dead And Winter Is Here

In which Bran proves to be the worst, Hodor does his one job, and 'Game of Thrones' finally shows us the d

This week on "Game of Crones," Crystal Bell, Leah Beckmann, and Teo Bugbee are talking about dicks again, starting with Bran Stark and his giant fuckup. Is he the worst character on Game of Thrones? (Teo says yes.) Should he sacrifice himself to close the confusing time loop he started? (Crystal says yes.) WTF is up with this time-travel logic, anyway?! Meanwhile, the show finally gave us actual dick after a heinous drought, but was the wart-infested D worth the wait?

The Crones also discuss Jon and Sansa's ongoing sexual chemistry, Theon's freshly laundered new look, Queen Meera's new reign, and who deserved to die most this week, and everyone pours one out for Summer and Hodor.