Ariel Winter / Instagram

Ariel Winter's Prom Hair Will Give You Serious Little Mermaid Vibes

The Modern Family star attended her third prom

In March, Ariel Winter dyed her hair from dark brown to a fiery red. This conjured up images of another famous Ariel, the Disney princess of the sea.


Well, Winter took her regal hair to the next level at her senior prom this weekend. Hair stylist Charles Dujic, whose clients include Kelly Clarkson and Chris Colfer, gave her soft, flowing waves that stood out boldly against her black lace gown.

The Modern Family star posed for pics with her dad before heading to the big night with her classmate, one of her best friends, by her side.

This is Winter's third prom. Last year, she went with longtime boyfriend Laurent Claude Gaudette. They've been dating for over two years now!

Clearly Ariel's got a thing for the black lace. Even Ursula would approve of this look.