Only Ariana Grande Could Make A Red Carpet Fall Look This Cute

The Dangerous Woman took a tumble at the Billboard Music Awards

Ariana Grande had no problem slaying the Billboard Music Awards stage Sunday night (May 22) with performances of "Dangerous Woman" and "Into You." The event's red carpet, however, was a bit trickier. The singer lost her balance mid-interview.

Ari stumbled into E! News reporter Sibley Scoles, who caught her fall before it turned into a Meghan Trainor-level wipeout.

"I almost broke my ass," Ariana said. "Can we rewind? But that pony! You got to make it work."

I'm guessing that trip had something to with those killer pumps she was rockin'. Girl, we've all been there. At least when Ari's heels wobble, baby, wobble, she knows how to recover like the queen she is.

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

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