Teen Mom 2 Allegations: How Should Leah Handle Ali's Claims About Miranda?

During tonight's episode, the six-year-old made concerning statements about her stepmother

Leah and Miranda have endured some hardships through the years -- and during tonight's Teen Mom 2 installment, the young parent heard some difficult claims against Corey's spouse via her little girl Ali. So how should Leah handle the allegations against her daughters' stepmother?

A bit more perspective: Shortly after admitting that relations were improving with her ex since he had been awarded primary caretaker and primary legal custodian of the twins, Leah got a phone call from her cousin Chastity. Leah's relative explained the she had just recorded a candid conversation with the six-year-old, during which Ali disclosed some unexpected information.

"She said that when we get out of the car, after school, she says ‘Miranda can you help me with my book bag?’" Chastity explained to Leah. "And she's like ‘No, Ali, you know I have to carry the baby,’" while adding that Corey and Miranda's newborn Remi gets most of the attention.

The video of Ali making these statements backed up Chastity's comments, while the little girl -- who suffers from muscular dystrophy -- added that she doesn't do anything to ask for more assistance with her heavy belongings. Leah looked stunned as she watched Ali, and she later became emotional discussing the ordeal with her sister Victoria.

"I don't know what to do," Leah stated. "I want to save them, I want to rescue them, I want to make them feel better -- but I can't."

Leah has confessed that she's unsure how to proceed after hearing this news -- and Miranda has yet to disclose her side of the story. So how do you think Leah should approach these assertions against Corey's wife? Or should Leah not do anything at all? Share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to keep watching Teen Mom 2 to see how this situation continues.