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Chance The Rapper Has Made Billboard Chart History With Coloring Book

On the Billboard 200

Chance the Rapper hasn't made his new mixtape, Coloring Book, available for sale, but that hasn't stopped it from making an impressive debut on the Billboard 200.

According to Billboard, Chance's third mixtape will land at No. 8 on the chart in its first week, thanks to 57.3 million streams. With the chart counting 1,500 streams as one unit, that's the equivalent of 38,000 copies sold.

What's particularly remarkable is that Coloring Book becomes the first project ever to land on the charts thanks entirely to streaming (Billboard only began incorporating streaming data into its chart calculations in December 2014). As artists continue to partner with platforms like Apple Music (in this case), Tidal, and Spotify and place an increased importance on streaming, Coloring Book almost surely won't be the last album to hold this distinction.

The full chart will be released on Tuesday.