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‘The Stakes’: 34 Candidates?!?!

Another week, another (sort of) political podcast

Welcome back to "The Stakes," the podcast where we collectively try to untangle the colossal clusterfuck that is politics, news, and social justice in the year 2016. Coming up on the show today:

Part 1: Julie Zeilinger talks to Andi Zeisler about her new book, We Were Feminists Once.

Part 2: Jamil Smith talks to Black Youth Project 100's Charlene Carruthers about her work, the importance of intersectionality, and the connection between health and activism.

Part 3: Jaime Fuller and Julianne Ross splash around in the shallow end of the crazy California Senate race.

Part 4: Poet-in-residence Marcus Ellsworth makes you a limited-time offer for an unforgettable Gulf Coast vacation.