Dave J Hogan/Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

MTV News Playlist: The Evolution of Girl Groups

From The Ronettes to Fifth Harmony and beyond

The pop girl group went fully mainstream in the 1960s with groups like The Shirelles and The Ronettes, whose bright vocal harmonies not only broke through the racially segregated pop charts but took over those charts entirely. Ever since then, the girl group has endured and evolved through synth-happy disco groups, New Wave rock bands, and classic R&B trios. But whether they were hitmakers in 1966 or 2016, girl groups have always represented a snapshot of young women of the day — and, typically, their intense feelings toward boys at the time. As gender roles changed, "Baby It's You" turned into "Say My Name," as women ditched scrubs and began to demand men for more than just a ring on the finger and a little hand-holding.

Here, find a chronological survey of girl groups from the 1960s to now, from Korea to England, forever redefining girl power and getting theirs.

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