Tyga Takes On His Old Label On New Single: 'Cash Money Never Paid Me'

Plus, he wants to free Tha Carter V

Tyga has aired out his issues with his former label, Cash Money, in the past, saying in 2014 that the label was holding him and his album "hostage." In December of that year, he claimed that the album in question would be released independently, and last year he followed through, dropping The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty on his own Last Kings Records.

On his new single, "Cash Money," T-Raww is again not shy about his negative feelings towards the label: "'Cause I'm paid, cash money / Cash Money never paid me but your boy still did his thing and made cash money," he raps on the hook, echoing a story told by many, many other artists.

Later, he addresses Lil Wayne's ongoing dispute with the label. First, to close the first verse: "I'm a Hot Boy, shout out Weezy Baby / If your man is loyal, n---a, you should pay him"; and then, to close the second: "I’m a Hot Boy, free B.G / Free Tha Carter V, let the streets eat."

The track isn't all about his grievances, though. Mostly, actually, it's about how Tyga is paid. Cash money.

Though there's no definitive word, this is likely off of his upcoming #BitchImTheShit2 mixtape.