Michael Muller

Watch The Laguna Beach Cast Do A Dramatic Reading Of 'Come Clean'

'Let the rain fall down...'

Hilary Duff memorably served as the voice for the hit series Laguna Beach with her tune "Come Clean" -- but nearly 12 years after the series premiered on MTV, the cast is offering their unique take on the anthem for the SoCal-based program (you can relive the opener in the clip below).

E! News recently caught up with Trey Phillips, Christina Sinclair, Jason Wahler, Alex Murrel, Taylor Cole, Morgan Smith and Loren Polster to reflect on their teenage years on the small screen -- and you know, have a little fun in the form of a dramatic reading of the unforgettable lyrics to the pop song. Better grab those umbrellas because those drops are coming down...

Enjoy the humorous rendition of the 2004 hit in the video above -- and be sure to stay with MTV News for our upcoming Hills 10-year anniversary coverage kicking off next week!