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How To Skip Prom, Kendall Jenner Style

Arranging flowers is involved, FYI

Kendall Jenner didn't go to prom, probably because she was busy covering magazines or, like, hanging out with Karl Lagerfeld. And because she ~gets~ what it's like to miss the quintessential high school experience, Kendall has some advice for how to spend your night free of updos and limos.

  • Make pizza

    On her app, Kendall provides a recipe for pizza dough, but you could also, y'know, just order one. She also suggests watching Sixteen Candles, Heathers, Mean Girls, and other "HS flicks," which, sure.

  • Throw on a face mask

    Once again, Kendall recommends making something that can easily be bought, but the mask she suggests is only three ingredients — greek yogurt, an orange slice, and aloe — so it's definitely manageable, if you aren't feeling any of Sephora's many options.

  • Arrange some flowers

    I don't entirely follow this one, but Kendall endorses buying flowers for yourself and then arranging them as a "cool creative outlet." My approach to flowers is typically, like, place them in a vase and walk away, but maybe arranging them will provide me with some inner peace I never knew I needed. Namaste.

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