Kim's Boobs & Zac's Abs: The Are You The One? Newbies Describe Their Perfect Match

Looks matter. Case closed

Admit it: Looks matter when finding your one true love -- otherwise, the term "beer goggles" wouldn't exist.

Proof: The new Are You The One? casties had no issue when tasked with piecing together their perfect match with the body parts of Hollywood's finest (literally).

Before Season 4 kicks off (counting down the days — 24 to be exact!), let's take a look at what the ladies are looking for:

While Kaylen would settle for a bearded Johnny Depp with Chris Brown abs, Tori will take the hair of Jesus Christ and Arnold Schwarzenegger's arm... in place of his you-know-what. (WHAT?!) And Camille will basically take Zac Efron in his entirety on a silver platter. We hear that, girl.

The gents (above) are just as specific — we're talking ScarJo's hair (for John), Kim Kardashian's tatas (Tyler) and a side dish of Selena Gomez (Stephen). Asaf threw us all for a loop when he requested the brains of a spicy female — Hillary Clinton, specifically.

Tell us what you'd want in your own perfect match (Kim's boobies? Brad's hair?), and catch the AYTO season premiere June 13 at 10/9c!

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