What If Ryan Gosling’s Drive Character Became An Uber Driver?

Find out in this hilarious spoof trailer

After the events of the 2011 crime thriller Drive, Ryan Gosling’s uber-mysterious character ditched stunt performing and getaway driving, choosing instead to become an Uber driver. At least, that’s the reality imagined in a new spoof trailer created by comedian/uncanny Gosling lookalike Joey Thompson.

Drive 2: The Uber Years is significantly less fast and furious than the original, as the toothpick-twirling driver deals with the daily struggles of chauffeuring passengers to Dave & Busters. There are the ones who beg to be taken through the Arby’s drive-through, the ones who threaten him with one-star ratings, and, of course, the trio of vomiting, drunk twenty-somethings. Contrary to what you’d expect, giving up pawn shop robberies clearly hasn’t made this dude’s life any less dramatic.