Blunt Bosses: Here Are The Most Memorable On-The-Job Moments From The Hills

Lisa, Kelly and Brent perfected the art of being brutally honest

Most young folks can attest that there's nothing quite like your early professional experiences. And for The Hills ladies, their day jobs certainly featured a fair share of drama, mostly in part to their larger-than-life managers. All together now: She works hard for the money...

To commemorate the upcoming 10th anniversary of the hit series, we've compiled the best boss moments courtesy of Lisa Love from Teen Vogue (who managed Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port), Brent Bolthouse from Bolthouse Productions (who oversaw Heidi Montag) and Kelly Cutrone from People's Revolution (who was in charge of Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad and Stephanie Pratt). From reprimanding to offering praise, these unique leaders always gave their unfiltered take on a wide variety of situations -- and while the gals (and one gent) may have cringed during the exchanges, the job-themed scenes never did disappoint.

Take a look at our picks below, share your favorite Kelly/Lisa/Brent interactions in the comments and be sure to stay with MTV News for more coverage surrounding this pop culture milestone!

  • No Teen Vogue Party Crashers Allowed

    Even though it was entirely out of Lauren's control that Heidi unexpectedly showed up at a magazine party, Lisa gave her newly minted worker an earful the next morning. Or, as Lauren perfectly put it when explaining the situation to Whitney, she was "scolded" for the mishap.

  • "The Girl Who Didn't Go To Paris"

    LC was reminded by her superior that she chose to spend the warm months with then-boyfriend Jason Wahler instead of traveling to the City of Lights as soon as she got back to the office. As expected, the LL-dominated exchange was uncomfortable for our gal.

  • After All, Everyone Falls

    Whitney was feeling understandably sullen following her tumble on Good Morning America. But the then-senior editor comforted the future designer and complimented her for handling the situation with dignity.

  • An Interview to Remember

    When Whitney decided she was ready to spread her wings outside of Teen Vogue, she formally met with Kelly for the first time. While the PR head honcho offered Whit a position on the spot, she warned her new addition that she was "making a deal with the devil" because of the long hours.

  • You're Fired

    Brent finally had it with Heidi's behavior -- and the events producer held back nothing when he dismissed her from her professional duties.

  • A Final Decision

    Following Heidi's heave-ho, her beau tried to speak to Brent to convince him to reconsider his choice. Unfortunately, Spence's attempt failed, as Brent was not receptive to the suggestion.

  • A Tough Assignment

    Stephanie struggled at People's Revolution -- and following a major boo-boo, Kelly made Lauren tell her friend (whom she brought on as a recent hire) that she was no longer needed at the firm.