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Jennifer Lawrence Explains How She Ended Up In A Tiny Little Airport 'Jail'

A lie landed the X-Men star in hot water

Don't lie at airport customs counters -- Jennifer Lawrence learned this lesson the hard way. She recently revealed on The Graham Norton Show that she was once put in a "tiny little jail" after lying about her visa status en route to London.

Around six years ago, the Oscar-winning actress was headed across the pond to meet with Matthew Vaughn, director of X-Men: First Class, where she played Mystique. But there was one problem: Her passport was expiring soon.

"They were like, 'Whatever you do, don't tell them that you're here for work, because they'll ask for a work visa; say you're here for pleasure,'" Lawrence explained. The backstory she cooked up?

"I get there and he's like, 'Business or pleasure?' 'Pleasure,'" Lawrence continued. "'What are you doing for pleasure?' 'My brother's getting married.' 'Where's your brother getting married?' 'Wimbledon.' 'Is he American?' 'Yes.'"

But eventually the interrogation became too much, and Lawrence spilled the beans. The customs officers then had to make some calls to verify her employment, which (obviously) took several hours because that's just how airports work. "I had to sit in a tiny little jail for like five hours while they called my employer," Lawrence said. "I felt tiny."

I'm guessing that "tiny" feeling didn't last long, as Lawrence is one of the biggest actresses today. She reprised her character Mystique for two more X-Men movies and starred in a little franchise known as The Hunger Games. No big deal or anything.

Watch Lawrence's full Graham Norton interview here.