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50 Cent Recreates MTV Cribs So You'll Travel The World

50 is here to tell you about the benefits of hostels

Back in 2007, 50 Cent showed off his extravagant home on an episode of MTV Cribs. It was an example of why, if you were 50 Cent, it was very reasonable to want to stay at home. At all times.

Now, though, almost a decade later, 50 wants you to get out of the house.

In collaboration with Hostelworld, Fif shot a spot channeling Cribs, trying to show off all the reasons you should travel the world and stay at hostels. And, based on the one in Barcelona he's giving us a tour of here, forget staying at one -- you should probably move into a hostel.

In addition to the commercial, below is another video with a little explanation of how the partnership came together, and why they chose 50 and this approach.

The pool here looks quite nice. Maybe I'll go. Job well done, 50.