Real World Altercation: Should Jenna And CeeJai' Have Been Sent Home?

The roommates had a fight that turned physical during tonight's episode

It's common for Real World roommates to bicker -- but during tonight's new episode of Go Big or Go Home, Jenna and CeeJai' had a disagreement that escalated and unfortunately turned physical. So should one or both of them been ordered to go home for their behavior?

Before diving into the aforementioned question, a debrief of what happened between the two temporary Las Vegas transplants. The young women -- who had previously bickered about Jenna's views on race and homosexuality, her relationship with her boyfriend back home and her low tip during a group dinner -- were spending some late-night time with their fellow cast members in the living room. Jenna, who had been unsure about what to do regarding her undeniable romantic connection with the new guy Dylan, just had a disappointing evening out on the town with the rookie -- more specifically, he rejected her advances and when they returned home, he ignored her when she repeatedly called out his name.

While Dione yelled at her to "shut up" and Sabrina encouraged her to go to bed, CeeJai' took it one step further.

"Swerve bitch," CeeJai' exclaimed, which prompted Jenna to scream, "Get over here, boy." After some loud and unintelligible back and forth, Jenna charged toward CeeJai' -- who was standing on the opposite end of the space -- and pushed her. From there, CeeJai' brought Jenna to the ground, and security quickly intervened to separate the two.

"Why attack me?" CeeJai' explained in a separate interview. "I've been patient, I've been respectful, I've been forgiving. Out of everyone in the house, you come for me."

Producers asked Jenna and CeeJai' if they would start up their feud again and both said they would not. Therefore, they were both allowed back inside the premises and no immediate action was taken to remove either of them.

The long-running MTV program does not condone physical violence -- and unfortunately, Jenna and CeeJai' crossed an unacceptable line. For now, they are still residing under the same roof. But should one or both of them have been removed from the experience? Share your thoughts, and see what happens between the two during the season finale of Real World: Go Big or Go Home next Thursday at 10/9c.