Let Miley Cyrus Mesmerize You With Her Ridiculous Faces

Her 'broken doll' face may haunt you, though

If you ever get nostalgic for goofy, Hannah Montana-era Miley Cyrus, rest assured she’s as silly and uninhibited as ever.

Case in point: During an appearance on The Tonight Show on Tuesday, she abandoned all pretense of vanity and gamely participated in a “Funny Face Off” challenge. The game involved Miley and host Jimmy Fallon recreating little kids’s funny faces (and in this case, the uglier, the funnier). Sure, Fallon was great, but Miley stole the show as she mushed and squished her face into the most ridiculous contortions. Take a look:

  1. Here she is sprouting ears.
  2. Her "broken doll" face may give you nightmares.
  3. Chins on chins on chins.

Check out the full challenge go down below: