Challenge Meltdown: Will The Return Of Smashley Cost Cory The Gold?

It doesn't look promising for the former Ex-Plosion housemates

If you mistakenly assumed Ashley (or, more accurately, Smashley) might have learned how to keep her cool since being evicted from the Real World: Ex-Plosion house, she’s very clearly demonstrated that she can still make Chernobyl look like child’s play.

On tonight’s Rivals III episode, Ashley, who’s so far proven to be a solid partner to former enemy Cory, slowly came unhinged off the field. During a night out at the bar, she confessed to Sarah and Tony that she hated feeling like an outsider and that coming into the game as a newbie had compounded her paranoid tendencies.

“My insecurities are coming back,” she admitted. “People may have been here for years, they’re old friends. So right now, I’m just feeling outside of the circle, and I really, really hate that feeling more than anything.”

Another thing Ashley hates? The notion that she’s being played, and when she convinced herself she saw her hookup buddy Jamie kiss Nicole (the alleged transgression was later debunked), she exploded, swore Jamie off and threatened to kick Nicole’s ass. In an instant, Cory, who just missed being named champion of his first Challenge season, Bloodlines, slowly saw his chances at redemption disappear.

“Sure enough, Smashley is back,” Cory lamented while futilely attempting to comfort his partner. “And that’s a problem for me, because I have to be there for her. I don’t care if we get along or not -- without her, I’m nothing. Without me, she’s nothing.”

And the hits didn’t stop for Ashley, who found herself in a morning-after blowout with Simone and Jessica, who mocked the party girl’s drunken antics. No, things are not looking especially promising for Team Green’s morale.

What do you think: Will Ashley stand between her partner and his chances at Challenge redemption, or did Cory get through to Ashley and do the former Ex-Plosion housemates still have a shot at a win? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to a brand-new Rivals III episode next Wednesday at 10/9c!