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Desiigner Reads All The Words To ‘Panda’ So You Can Finally Understand It

Hope you killas understand him

You’ve surely heard Desiigner’s chart-topping hit “Panda” by now, but do you really know what he’s saying? C’mon, be honest... it’s not just one of those songs that your parents don’t understand -- that hazy, repetitive string of lyrics is just as bewildering to you, too.

Thankfully, Genius caught up with the Brooklyn MC and had him go through his lyrics line-by-line. “You wanna know exactly what I’m saying, so now I’m telling you what I’m saying, real slow and real simple,” the 19-year-old promises before launching into it.

True to form, Desiigner can't keep a straight face as he gets more and more animated, seemingly unable to stop speeding himself up. But that fun, unshakable energy is what we love about this song in the first place, right?