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Watch Macklemore And His Mom Crash A Wedding

Of course they danced to 'Thrift Shop'

Last week, Macklemore dropped by the White House to join President Barack Obama’s weekly address about opioid addiction; surely no lighthearted task. But his Washington D.C. trip wasn’t all work -- he also found time to cut loose by crashing a perfect stranger’s wedding.

As chronicled in his Snapchat story, Macklemore let his mischievous mama talk him into sneaking into a wedding bash that was happening in their hotel. “When your mom is really trying to crash the wedding,” he captioned a video of them lurking outside the ballroom. Eventually, they made it inside and were met with open arms, as Mack took selfies with guests and even danced along as the DJ played “Thrift Shop.”

In an interview with FOX 5, the bride, Fatima Kahn, confirmed that the surprise was just as awesome as it looked. “I had one of my uncles coming up to me telling me, ‘Oh, Macklemore is here!’” she said. “I said, ‘Wow!’ And they had his songs playing and everything. So he was pretty nice about it. All of us, like 50 cousins and 50 aunts and uncles, were on the stage taking selfies with him.”

Sneak a peek at Macklemore’s shenanigans below: