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Amandla Stenberg Used Her 'Angsty Adolescence' To Inspire Her Style

'I would go to punk venues every weekend and mosh'

Amandla Stenberg is only 17 years old, but she's wise beyond her years. Whether it's with social politics or fashion, the actress has gone through plenty of phases to find out exactly who she is.

Charlie Engman/V Magazine

For a new feature in the Fashion and Film issue of V Magazine, Amandla talks about how her early years of teen angst inspired her early days of style.

"Angsty adolescence is a pretty universal and timeless thing," she said. "I had a huge punk phase when I was in ninth grade, so I found myself pulling from those angsty feelings that I experienced. I would go to punk venues every weekend and mosh and wear a lot of buttons on my denim jacket, everything."

Amandla's most recent gig is also her first role in the independent film As You Are. After starring in über-successful films like The Hunger Games franchise and culture-shifting music projects like Beyoncé's Lemonade visual, her new low-key role has changed her thoughts on the film industry for the better.

"I experienced some disillusionment with the film industry at one point," she explained. "Maybe that was real disillusionment or my teen angst coming through, but I just had that feeling of, ‘Man, the film industry, it's just about money.' I really love the artwork — the making of film — and I experienced that on The Hunger Games and Colombiana, but I also wanted to have the experience of becoming instantly close to everyone on set and getting to collaborate with them. And As You Are provided that for me. It showed me that yes, this is something I can do."

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