'Other Daddy': These Are Aubree And Cole's Sweetest Teen Mom 2 Moments

From graduation to a father-daughter dance, they sure have a special bond

Chelsea's mini-me Aubree refers to her mother's fiancé Cole as her "other daddy" -- and during this week's brand new episode of Teen Mom 2, the cast members happily attended a father-daughter dance together.

"This is a big deal -- I wouldn't miss it," Cole exclaimed before he took Aubree to the parents-themed evening.

The two had a wonderful time at the school event (Aubree's father Adam did not show), and Cole's commitment to be there for Aubree made Chelsea overjoyed and emotional. In honor of Cole and Aubree's special bond, we're taking a fond look back at the (televised) times the kind fella was supportive of his future bride's child -- and her sweet actions toward the love of her mama's life. Check the moments out below, and be sure to keep watching Chelsea, Cole, and Aubree on Teen Mom 2 every Monday at 10/9c!

  • Christmas Cheer

    That's the way to get into the Yuletide spirit: The couple held hands as they watched Aubs croon "Jingle Bells" with her peers.

  • Pre-School Graduate

    Cole sweetly presented the lady of the day with some flowers at the post-ceremony festivities -- what a guy!

  • First Father's Day

    Before Aubree left to celebrate the holiday with her dad, she made sure to give Cole a homemade card with a heartwarming message. Understandably, Cole greatly appreciated the gesture -- and gave Aubs a big ol' hug to show her how much it meant to him.

  • Will You Marry Me?

    Cole included Aubree when he got down on one knee to propose to Chelsea -- and he even asked the kindergartner if he could marry her mama. Just shows how deeply he cares for these two ladies.

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