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Meredith Graves Made You A Mix!

In which ‘60s French pop stars meet Amerie, and Taylor Swift shakes it off with Boredoms

Over on MTV’s Spotify account, we’re spotlighting the music tastes of MTV News anchor Meredith Graves. You may have seen her schooling you about the latest in music news, read her thoughts on that new Death Grips album, or witnessed her screaming as the front woman of her punk band Perfect Pussy. Here, she’s compiled an eclectic mix of some of her favorite bands, from ‘90s shoegaze greats Catherine Wheel to experimental Japanese rockers Boredoms. “This list was composed of some hits from my rotating list of songs I like to play when I’m DJing,” Graves says. “I’ve got a stack of playlists saved specific to different venues and moods, so I can toggle around quickly if I’m stuck using a laptop (barf) in a live setting.” Pro tip: Listen to this playlist on the best speakers possible.

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