Karmy's Fate: Find Out What The Future Held For The Faking It BFFs

With the series but a memory, showrunner Carter Covington is telling all about the Hester High students

Faking It may have concluded with Karma and Amy moving on to other romantic interests -- Felix and Sabrina, respectively -- but their future was (obviously) going to be a bit Karmy-cated complicated.

"I've always seen that the last season of Faking It would explore Karma wondering why her friendship with Amy is so important to her and why she's been unable to let Amy go -- why it's hard for her to have relationships with other people because Amy keeps coming into it," showrunner Carter Covington revealed to MTV News about the lovable duo. "Wondering if she maybe made a mistake and trying to make it work with Amy -- and then them realizing as a couple there's a lot about it that works and a lot about it that doesn't. And then being able to move on as best friends exploring being a couple."

The series finale ended with a bunch of love connections blossoming at a New Year's Eve bash -- Karmy's aforementioned acquaintances, Shane and Noah reconciling and Liam and Lauren finally sharing a kiss. So what was in store for these unique pairs?

"We would have explored the complications that arose with Amy now happy with Sabrina but finding out that Karma is dating Felix -- and she's had feelings for both of them," Covington explains. "Karma and Felix negotiating what their relationship is -- both of them also having had feelings for Amy. And then when you throw in that Liam and Lauren have an attraction -- and negotiating what that means for them -- I think it was a recipe for a lot of drama and complications."

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