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‘The Stakes’: Where The Buffalo Roam

Another week, another (sort of) political podcast

Welcome back to The Stakes, the podcast where we collectively try to untangle the colossal clusterfuck that is politics, news, and social justice in the year 2016. Coming up on the show today:

Part 1: MTV News executive editor Alex Pappademas and columnist Brian Phillips talk Captain America: Civil War.

Part 2: Meredith Graves takes on prison visitation.

Part 3: Julianne Ross talks with writer Ann Friedman about the tampon tax.

Part 4: Jaime Fuller introduces us to our new national mammal.

Part 5: Jane Coaston goes head-to-head with the Never Trump movement.

Part 6: Another visit with our poet-in-residence, Marcus Ellsworth, as he brings us a reclamation of faith as an affirmation of queerness.