Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Ryan Gosling Talks About The New Girl In His Life

The father of two found himself caught up in a park chalk war

Ryan Gosling, everyone's favorite reluctant meme, stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show today to gush about his two daughters, newborn Amada and 20-month-old Esmeralda.

After teasing a photo of Amada — a.k.a. an image of a baby Photoshopped with Ellen DeGeneres's head — the talk show host asked Gosling about his relationship with his other daughter.

Noting that he calls her "Es" or "Essy," Gosling shared that he and Esmeralda play at the park and have inadvertently found themselves in the midst of a chalk war. "Some kid has been erasing [Esmeralda's] name and writing their name over it," Gosling said. "So now I'm in a proper — finally, I'm in a proper tagging battle."

There's nothing better than a dad defending his daughter's chalk-name honor. Watch the full video below.