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Kristen Stewart Wore Very (Very!) Strategically Placed Pockets At Cannes

Does she keep anything in them, though?

Kristen Stewart is killin' it at every single one of the many, many appearances she has to make at Cannes. We already applauded the casual, cropped, white t-shirt she wore on the first day of the festival, and now we're turning our attention to the slightly more glam — and way riskier — outfit she broke out yesterday.

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Kristen wore Chanel once again — yeah, her more casual look was also Chanel 💅 — but ~dared~ to wear a dress with a very sheer top and some very strategically placed pockets. Do you think she keeps anything in them? Maybe some mints? A golf pencil or two?

Here's hoping Kristen decides to attend, like, every red carpet at Cannes, even for movies she's not in — the more appearances, the better.