Take A Bow: We're Honoring Faking It For These 5 Groundbreaking Moments

The MTV series — airing its series finale on Tuesday — was kinda revolutionary

In the Faking It world, being different is embraced with wide-open arms, and the kids who would maybe be perceived as outsiders in any other high school are accepted because of their distinct personalities and preferences. Sadly, the characters' journey will come to an end during this week's upcoming episode.

In anticipation of the dramedy's series finale, we're remembering the five most groundbreaking moments before the show -- and Amy, Karma, Lauren, Shane, and Liam -- takes one last bow. Grab some doughnuts and get a look at our selections starring Hester High's finest, and be sure to watch the last installment of Faking It on Tuesday at 10:30/9:30c.

  1. What happens when you're falsely outed as your school's first lesbian couple and then nominated for homecoming queens? If you're Karma and Amy, you go with the flow and share a historic lip-lock in front of your fellow peers -- and convince everyone it's actually true. That is how Karmy officially came to be, giving viewers their first introduction to the unique faux romance.

  2. The MMA fighter felt pressured to keep his sexual orientation under wraps because of his career -- but that didn't stop his boyfriend Shane from publicly outing his man (not the first time the busybody pulled something similar). The athlete wanted to be honest about his relationship, but the leak about his sexual orientation — at the hands of his partner no less — was too great to mend.

  3. The spunky queen bee had long struggled to fit in at her new educational stomping grounds. But when the school's future was in jeopardy, she bravely let her guard down and gave a statement for the ages: She shared in front of the student body that she was intersex and proudly explained that in this environment, "being different makes you cool." A round of applause for Ms. Cooper, please.

  4. Shane knew his new love interest was hiding something and was determined to uncover the musician's secret. What followed was Noah's honest explanation about his past, the admission that he was transgender, and his heartfelt desire -- like many other kids in his shoes -- to just have a typical teenage life.

  5. Labels Are Unnecessary

    Simply put, Amy poignantly refused to confine herself to any specific title -- and her decision, unsurprisingly, was met with a positive reaction.