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Allow Kristen Stewart To Demonstrate How To Wear A T-Shirt On A Red Carpet

πŸ‘ OH πŸ‘ HELL πŸ‘ YES

Cannes has a notoriously strict dress code, which makes it even cooler that Kristen Stewart wore a white T-shirt on the red carpet for the Cafe Society premiere.

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Yep -- yesterday, Kristen paired her Chanel pencil skirt with a cropped white tee. The shirt is so well-fitting, it seems unlikely that it's, y'know, a standard Hanes from a pack of three, but it very well could be. Karl Lagerfeld definitely did not show this skirt with this shirt on the Chanel runway. Kristen took things into her own hands.

This might seem crazy, considering she merely wore a T-shirt on a red carpet, but, um, KSTEW FOR PREZ.