Cody From Disney’s The Thirteenth Year Is A Kick-Ass Artist Now

He's fin-tastic (sorry)

It's hard to believe The Thirteenth Year, one of the earliest Disney Channel Original Movies, turns 17 this year. Seems like only yesterday ‘90s kids were hardcore crushing on Cody Griffin (Caesaray "Chez" Starbuck) as he was turning into a mermaid -- fitting, as the logo for Starbucks is a Siren, a.k.a. a twin-tailed mermaid. Of course, if fans saw him today, they'd still be crushing on him.

Starbuck's last acting credit on IMDb was when he played himself on The Real L Word: Los Angeles in 2011, but his manager told MTV News he was recently cast in The Long and The Short, "an indie film bound for Sundance." He's also a super talented artist, sharing his work on Instagram and Facebook.

Of course, we're still waiting for a mermaid portrait.


If you'd like to see more of Starbuck's work, check out his Fine Art America account.