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Taylor Swift Went Full ‘90s To Accept Her Taylor Swift Award

New Taylor accepted on the behalf of old Taylor

Taylor Swift's Vogue-predicted style reinvention continues, featuring a choker, a velvet dress, and a noticeable lack of red lipstick. She wore this look to accept the Taylor Swift Award — no, that's not a joke — at the BMI Pop Awards on Tuesday night, so you know it's for real and it's here to stay (at least for a while).

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While Taylor made her red-carpet debut as a platinum blonde last week at the Met Gala, this is her first non-themed event since Coachella and, well, it's clear that the festival changed her — she's all in on chokers now.

What ‘90s trend will Taylor dabble in next? My money is on a slip dress. I'll provide my address once I'm proven correct.