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Selena Gomez Fit One Of Britney Spears's Iconic Looks Into Her Revival Tour Wardrobe

We see you, Sel

There was a lot to take in from our first look at Selena Gomez's Revival tour wardrobe, but one thing that immediately stuck out was her homage to Britney Spears.

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Selena's second outfit is a nude, Swarovski-encrusted bodysuit, which is a look straight out of Britney's "Toxic" video. You know the one, right?

Yeah, this one. Here's the link to go watch "Toxic" right now. I'm on my fifth viewing and have no regrets.

Of course, Selena's love for Britney is no secret — her 2013 Stars Dance World Tour was influenced by Brit, as was her MTV Movie Awards performance of "Come & Get It."

Keep the homages coming, Sel! We're into them and Britney is too — win-win, really.