13 GIFs Of Zayn Dancing Through A Very Elaborate Laser Tag Course

The 'Like I Would' music video looks suspiciously familiar

Zayn Malik is most definitely playing an imaginary game of laser tag in his new video for "Like I Would." I mean, why else would someone stand beside multicolored lasers for an extended period of time?

In the clip, the Mind Of Mine singer and his fellow laser enthusiasts dance and frolic across beams of light. This is wayyy more advanced than the courses you took on in elementary school. Here's how Zayn got his head in the game.

  1. Zayn busts out his protective laser tag gear
  2. He bathes himself in neon blue light
  3. More blue beams magically appear
  4. Just kidding, Zayn can move lasers with his arms
  5. Now there's some green in there!
  6. This must be his competitor
  7. Shit's about to go down
  8. Uh-oh, looks like he's outnumbered
  9. Maybe this girl's on his team?
  10. Zayn must be super dizzy by now
  11. 🎶 Loving him was red 🎶
  12. Wait, who are those new people?
  13. Game over