Phony Affair: Why Is Lauren Faking It With Liam?

The Hester High gal might just have ulterior motives

This Faking It pairing is so off-the-charts, we don't even know what to call it. Liamen? Lauriam? We give up.

After Lauren chastised Liam over his one-night-stand habit during tonight's episode, the (former?) Judaism convert made it his mission to find Amy's stepsister a "handsome, athletic, ambitious young libertarian who wears khakis that actually fit and is comfortable with a strong woman" — Lauren's words, not ours. Enter Preston.

The no-pleat khaki connoisseur seemed like a solid fit — Leston had such a lovely ring to it! But the minute Lauren caught wind of her new roommate's involvement, all love bets were off.

When the duo suddenly ran into Theo (RIP, Thauren) and his new girlfriend, Liam protectively pretended to be Lauren's new boy toy. SO sweet! Aaaaand cue the latest Hester High twosome, courtesy of one perfectly timed candid:

While Liam was eager to fix the social media mishap, Lauren seems determined to keep the facade going. But why? Liam never seemed to be a part of Lauren's 30-year plan before. Sure, his khakis fit and he's hella athletic (shirtless Liam FTW!), but what is Lauren's true motive?

Post your theories, and catch the Faking It season finale next Tuesday at 10:30/9:30c!