'The Game Of Crones' Podcast, Episode 3: Happy Mother's Day, From A Bunch Of Dicks

In which we talk about who deserved to die the most, Arya's eyeballs, and little whiny baby Bran.

This week on 'Game Of Crones,' Rachel Handler, Crystal Bell, and Teo Bugbee are talking about, first and foremost, Jon Snow's genitalia. Is it small, as Tormund suggested? Is he compensating for it by dramatically ending his watch? Is something going on between him and Ser Davos?

We're also talking about Who Deserved To Die The Most This Week, why Arya's storyline is feeling stretched thin, the tragically suggestible Tommen, what Bran is whining about this week, and, of course, what the hell is going on inside the Tower Of Joy.