Grimes Is A Rhythmic Gymnast And A Sequined Cowgirl In ‘California’ Video

She dug deep into her costume closet for this one

Grimes’ new music video for “California” could’ve been a literal-minded interpretation, set on the sunny West Coast and packed with palm trees and oceanside views. But Claire Boucher has never been a predictable artist, so she opted instead for a smorgasbord of bizarrerie that only she could make look so dreamy.

In the self-directed clip, Grimes sings and dances around various locales, including a technicolored gymnasium, a kitschy country saloon, and a clay figure studio. The fashion is, of course, something to behold: one minute she’s a rhythmic gymnast, the next minute she’s rocking a sequined stars-and-stripes ensemble that Dolly Parton would be jealous of.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all, however, is that the video features a remixed version of “California” -- one that adds slicker synths and a poppier, more slow-building arrangement than the Art Angels original. Check it out below: