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'The Stakes': Ted Cruz's Last Stand, Absurd Rape Laws, Veto The Dog, And More

Welcome back to MTV's political podcast that's not about politics, except when it is

We've got a wide-ranging show for you this week. Coming up on this episode of "The Stakes":

Part 1: MTV's senior political correspondent Ana Marie Cox reports from Ted Cruz's last stand.

Part 2: MTV correspondent Meredith Graves runs down the dangerous absurdity of America's rape laws and the politicians who write them.

Part 3: Deputy MTV politics editor Julianne Ross dives into the emojification of language, heart-eyes winky-face surfer-dude.

Part 4: MTV politics writer Jaime Fuller peeks into the backyard of America's governors and introduces us to Veto the Dog.

Part 5: MTV politics writer Marcus Ellsworth honors Afeni Shakur Davis.