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Harry Styles Has Finally Cut His Hair Off

OMG, look at how much is gone!

We interrupt your regular programming for a very important announcement.

Harry Styles no longer looks like this:

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Granted, I don't actually know what he does look like, but I know it's not this. Those vaguely greasy tendrils that fall past his shoulders? Not there anymore, I'm sorry to say. Or I'm happy to say?

Not to blaspheme a modern day Hair Icon™, but if I'm being honest, I never really settled on how I felt about Harry's long hair because A) it kept growing and B) it was pretty inconsistent. Some days he looked ripped from the cover of a supermarket romance novel, and some days he looked someone I would 100 percent ignore while passing on the sidewalk.

Regardless, my opinion is even more irrelevant now because um, look at this photo Harry just posted to Instagram.

It's gone. R.I.P. Harry's long hair. R.I.P. Directioners. R.I.P. me.

But this isn't all bad news, OK? Harry posted the snap with the hashtag "#littleprincesstrust" signifying that he chopped it all off to donate (like he said he would) to a nonprofit organization that creates wigs for children suffering from hair loss. What a sweetie.