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Radiohead’s New ‘Daydreaming’ Video Is Basically The Revenant Meets It Follows

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

Radiohead have followed up “Burn the Witch” with a new single called “Daydreaming,” and a video directed by Paul Thomas Anderson to go with it.

“Daydreaming” is the second new single from Radiohead’s forthcoming ninth album, which they’ve just announced will be out this Sunday, May 8. With its spooky piano and whispery vocal samples, it sounds like it would fit right in on the UK band’s 2001 album Amnesiac.

In the video, a haggard-looking Thom Yorke wanders through various disconnected locales before busting open a door into a beautiful snow-capped mountain and curling up next to a fire in a cave. It’s almost like a remake of The Revenant starring a tired rock musician instead of a long overdue Oscar nominee, with a little bit of indie horror flick It Follows thrown in for good measure. Watch below.