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Kylie Jenner Has Secretly Been Wearing Her New Lip Kit Color For Weeks

We should have known

Kylie Jenner is quickly expanding her line of liquid lipsticks. What started out as a collection of three nude mattes has turned into a full line of lip products including glosses and metallics. But for her latest release, Kylie is throwing it back to where she started, releasing her "best nude" called "Exposed" -- and turns out she's been showing us for weeks.

Kylie revealed the new shade, an orangey nude, on Snapchat: "This is the only color I've been wearing for the past few weeks. So you can see it in all my Instagrams and Snapchats."

The girl is too sly.

She also announced that she has two more lip kits on the way in addition to "Exposed," but didn't reveal the colors. Knowing Kylie, it's time to start diving into the archives of her Instagram to find out.