Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Here's What A Demi Lovato Disco Album Might Sound Like

Judging by her killer 'I Will Survive' cover

“I Will Survive,” arguably the world’s foremost breakup anthem, doesn’t seem like the most obvious choice for the soundtrack to an animated kids movie. But when you get noted powerhouse vocalist Demi Lovato to sing slay it, all rules fly out the window.

No stranger to defiant anthems of self-empowerment, Lovato kills it yet again while covering Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 hit for the Angry Birds Movie soundtrack. The song debuted on EW on Thursday, and has plenty of strong disco vibes, a lively arrangement that’d be perfect to run/dance/fist-pump to, and a higher key that lets Demi’s vocals reach chilling new heights. Let's just say, if she ever decided to make a legit disco album, we wouldn't be opposed.

The Angry Birds Movie flies into theaters on May 20, but its soundtrack releases this Friday. Along with Demi’s cover, it features additional songs by Blake Shelton and Charli XCX, both of whom voice characters in the film.