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Damon Needs A Hero, And Stefan Doesn't Feel Like Being One In This Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek

Warning: there's a lot of existential, brotherly angst in this clip

Who does Damon call when he's at the end of his rope on The Vampire Diaries? The guy with the Hero Hair, of course: his brother, Stefan. But what happens when Stefan doesn't exactly feel like being anyone's Hero? (Who even is Stefan if he's not the Hero?) Enter Stefan and Damon's current predicament in "Requiem for a Dream."

MTV News has an exclusive sneak peek of Season 7, Episode 21 -- which was directed by Paul Wesley -- and the brothers Salvatore are finding it hard to communicate with all of the existential angst jamming the cell signal. With Bonnie in more danger than ever, who's going to step up and be the Hero? C'mon Stefan, we know heroing is in your DNA.

See? We knew you'd pull through in a clutch, Stefan.