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Getting Lost Just Got A Lot More Fun Thanks To T-Pain

He's here to tell you when to make your next left

Living in New York City, I almost never drive. Because I almost never drive, I don't usually know where I'm going when I do. Because I don't usually know where I'm going, I need someone or something to tell me. Because sometimes we deserve nice things, that someone can now be T-Pain if that something is Waze.

The navigation service and the singer announced on Thursday that there's a new setting in the app that allows you to choose T-Pain as the voice directing you to make that left in 200 feet. Follow these steps to have T-Pain join your next commute: Menu → Settings → Sound → Voice Language → T-Pain.

From now on, when you miss a turn and get re-rerouted, there's nothing to be upset about, because who can get mad at T-Pain?