Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

'Jon Snow' Was Banned From The Game Of Thrones Set, So Here's What The Cast Called Him Instead

Twenty names the Game of Thrones cast called Kit Harington on set

Security was so tight on the Game of Thrones set that no one was allowed to refer to Jon Snow on set. His name didn't appear anywhere in the scripts, call sheets, or prop and wardrobe materials. In fact, there was a team of HBO snipers covertly stationed on set -- and in every pub in Belfast -- to take out anyone who even thought about saying the name "Jon Snow." (OK, so maybe security wasn't that intense, but you get the point!)

Instead, actor Kit Harington was given a code name. "No one was allowed to say 'Jon Snow' on set, ever. Everyone had to refer to me as ‘LC,'" Harington told EW. ("LC" stood for "Lord Commander.")


However, not all cast members played by the rules. While shooting Jon Snow's top-secret resurrection scene, Carice van Houten (Melisandre) gave Harington a new "LC"-based nomenclature. EW wouldn't reveal the nickname because it wasn't fit to print (hmmm), but that got us thinking: What other "LC" moniker could we give Jon Snow?

-Little Crybaby

-Lovely Curls

-Large Cockles

-Lucid Crow

-Lotta Cranky

-Long Claw

-Leisurely Coy

-Largely Cold


-Longtime Cardmember

-Lauren Conrad

-Lightly Crisp

-Lazy Cat

-Lumpy Coal

-Lethargic Cabbage

-Lawfully Cantankerous

-Lackluster Crap

-Lost Curmudgeon

-Labile Corpse

-LOL Can't

Sorry, buddy. You know it's true.